Friday, March 30, 2012


The MolyJam begins in a little less then 8 hours. I am in!
Check out the web page here for more info.

Current ideas I am look at are:

"What if you were half man half tree? You can only fight when in soil and constantly grow throughout the game."
"Imagine playing the only coin in the world and you're being used to decide on outcomes for all global debates."
"You start the game with no emotion, you must find and obtain them and then use them to find more. My game would have 120 emotions."
"How do you get past a fearless guard? You extract the fear of a pigeon you just attacked and transfer it to the guard. Now he'll run away."
"My Designer workshop #14 : Make a game where the player's only tool is a ruler."
"Imagine a platformer where upon landing on the floor you create earthquakes destroying tribes of little people. Would you still jump?"

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