So you want to Jam?

The WTApps guide to Jam survival!
(These guidelines can be applied to any sort of intense coding event)

Jams are like mountain climbing; bring food, have a plan and make sure someone knows what you are up to in case you get lost.

1. Have food, eat loads.
2. We all know a person codes best in the zone. Do whatever you need to to get in the zone. 
3. Sleep when you want to sleep.
4. If you’re a coder don't try to do great art or great music. Do what you are good at.
5. You will never get to 0 bugs. Don't try. Only you notice the edge cases.
6. If you are not having fun, stop.
7. Be active in the community, you can be involved in some crazy shit if you are.
8. Have loads of coffee/beer/cigarettes/fast food/whatever. Treat these competitions like a party!
9. Don't bother checking if you won.
10. Do the little things well.
11. Don't bother commenting your code unless you REALLY want to.
12. Have very descriptive variable names. Having an int called counterEnemyNumberUsedInLevelObject might seem like a silly idea at the start of a project but you will thank yourself later.
13. Have something to break the monotony.
14. Sleep deprived crazy adventures are the best sort.
15. Ignore everyone.
16. No such thing as a bad idea.
17. If you can’t lose/win it is not a game.
18. Little things make a big difference.
19. Movement should be beautiful.
20. You should refine your idea till you believe it will make a good game that you want to work on, BUT, avoid changing scope mid project.
21. Dedicate the time. Try to block out the weekend so you can focus.
22. No, you cant code hungover. Don't try.