"Finished" Projects

Non Game Projects:
Final year project,
My final year project in the University of Limerick is still something I am quite proud of.

This is a vague, poorly written summary.
My program will be passed a potential syntax, all possible calls, cmd's for compilation of the previously mentioned syntax, IP addresses of other available machines and a virtual environment (VE). Using the potential syntax the program will genetically create AI's for the passed virtual environment.

What this means is that, my program will be able to efficiently create controller class for any object in any virtual environment. Manually creating controller classes can take upwards of a month for large and complex VE's. Even then you don't know if your result is the most efficient. My system will be structured in such a way that one person will need less than 8 hours to set it running and you are guarantied to the get the most efficient output.

Check out my development blog here for more info.

Large Tetris

I made a touch version of Tetris for work. Xna running on Windows 8 being display trough a Smartboard. It was fantastic to see my stuff blown up so large.

Bit of an issue with the Smartboard drives, the touch events were registering as a mouse event. Was a bit of a pain and caused some lag.

Window Phone Development,

TLA is a a funny little application that gives you a sentence that can be used in any meeting in any company. You can find it here.

Clicker lets you keep count of anything. This may seem like a silly pointless application but there was none on the market at time of creation. You can find it here.

Jam Games:
Games Fleadh
Dark Pac
For the Games Fleadh in Thurles way back in 2010 I worked with Marie Casey to create a fine little game called Dark Pac. It was a procedurally generated side-scrolling game that had an interesting growth mechanic. Check out the development blog here!

Dublin Games Craft
Angst and  Dinos
The game is simple physics game. You fire your meteor and hope you bounce off all of the dinosaurs.
Not too bad for 4 hours.
It can be found here.

On a Dime
So the point of the game is you make decisions on government policies. The decisions effect six metrics Gold, School System, Crime level, Armed Forces, Health and Industry. It also keeps track of the groups who like and dislike you.

At the moment you cant lose unless you run out of money.
Only play if you are REALLY interested.

Controls are left right and space. You can play it here.

Ludum Dare Projects

Check out my Ludum blog here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/author/jiyko/

Escape The Plane
A 2D Platformer for LD 26
Play it here

The Great Summoning 
A beat rhythm game for Ludum Dare 25
You can find my entry here

For Ludum Dare 22 I made a game called Teddies. It is a sad story about a child so alone his gives personalities to his Teddies.
It can be found here.

And Taxes....
For Ludum Dare 21 I made a game called And Taxes. It is about a man trying to escape Death.
It can be found here.