Top "beers" ever

1. December 26th 2012
    Chilled Heineken, 1st of the day while watching how to train your dragon
2. March 2nd 2013
    O Sheas's Pale Ale, cold after swearing off Beer forever.
3. 2 days before a Marathon October 2013
    A Smithwicks, At Eoins Birthday
4. June 13th 2013
    A can of Miller on Marie's Balcony
5. February 16th 2013
    "Scullery cold" Miller, At home wanting to not be there
6. December 31st 2012
    1st can of Heineken before an overly long game of Munchkin.
7. March 17th 2013
    A pint of Heineken in Zurich Airport
8. Post Dublin City Marathon 2012
    Luke warm Miller, Given to me by Marie
9. EOC Mart 2012
    Terrible Peña Colada, was wearing a Santa suit

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