Thursday, November 22, 2012

Interesting articles

How should Indie devs talk to the press? Like this apparently

Interesting view on Molynuexs' kickstarter. I don't agree as I see Kickstarter as an alternative to the traditional investment model even when you can find investors rather then something that should only be for those who can't get investors interested. Definitely still worth a read tho.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I laughed

If found this in the comments section of a post about an indie game that was available via the developers site but no where else.
I laughed.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Codename: Pling


2D plat former. Goal is for a customisable Rayman-esque experience.

Tight jump controls combined with fluid movement. No metal slug style weapons or punching. Classic jump on head to kill.

User Customisation

Customisable looks and stats. Different image tokens unlocked using "coins" earned through level completion. Unlock "coins" can be purchased as well though in app purchases.
All stats available from the start.

Image tokens

On launch 10 outfits of each. Each following a theme. Must be interchangeable.
Ranked common, cool, awesome.


Each capable of having  10 possible points allocated to it.

User has 15 point to allocate at the start of each level.

Power up found in the level effect these stats for either heavily for a  limited time or slightly for the entire level.

Level focus

On launch 3 "Areas" with 30 levels each.

Rank each run. Bronze for completed, Silver for competed with all tokens collected, Gold for completed under a certain time.
"Coins" awarded to the are basis of medal. 5 gold equate to one common, 10  equals one cool and 15 equal an awesome.

Levels should be completable in less then 3 minutes.

Tech Overview

Game build on Mono 3.0 using Farseer nightly as the physics engine.

Levels stored as flat XML files build tIDE generator

First launch on Windows 8 supporting touch, keyboard and gamepad.


It has been a while since I posted! I know, I suck.

What I have got up to since I last posted?

I have:
Run a Marathon
Got a 140 hour Tefl cert
Released 3 internal work applications
Spent some time chilling in a hospital waiting room
Moved house

I do hope you forgive me :)

I will be posting in the next few days:
A review of my new PC
My Tetris application
The spec for my next game
My opinion of Mono :P