About WTApps

WTApps is an umbrella term for this one man operation whose goal is to learn as much as possible about development and the games industry. It has also been refered to as Jiyko and/or Moose.

The first recorded instance of WTApps was at a programming competition way back in 2008 since the it is a name that has become synonymous with any crazy projects or competitions I want to be involved in.

What does WTApps stand for? Only the Dragon knows.

A few fantastic people have been involved in WTApps based ventures!

Marie Casey:
This legend of a lady was the artist on our award winning game Dark Packman from Games Fleadh 2010.

Stephen Carty and Elaine Broderick:
These two are a possibly two of the smartest people I have ever meet. They were on the WTApps team at that competed in the university of Cork programming challenge in 2010.

Shane O'Sullivan:
Way back in 2008 this little legend my team mate on the Space Invaders themed Games Fleadh.

So, you may ask, who am I?

I am Seamus Ryan. An amature chef, game developer and runner. I currently work for Microsoft and have an awesome background in Computer systems (I can't prove it's awesome, just trust me).

I can be found on Twitter here.

You may also ask, "Seamus! You are an intelligent man who possibly also has technical skills. Why have a crappy blogger account instead of, you know, an actual site?" To that I would answer, "This is more of a journal then a site. It's technically a blog but I won't be blogging. It's almost a CV but I will not be directing employers here. It's a bucket. A bucket where I will dump my brain stuff to keep it in order.

Read if you wish!