Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Fall: UI Layers

The movement in The Fall is going to be simulated by the things around the player and how they move.

Objects on screen one are going to be purely background images. They will be 40% transparent, mostly very small and move at half the speed of the player to simulate objects long distances away.

Objects on screen two are physical objects moving at 70% the speed of the player. They will mostly be area rocks and shadows. They will not be able to interact with the player.

Objects on screen three are the physical objects the player will be able to bump into. There speed will be constant at 100% the speed of the player.

Objects on screen four will be the enemies and the player. There movement speed will be "non standard".

"SEAMUS! Why are you putting so much time into talking about how things are going to be drawn to the screen and move once there?" The answer to that question is simple. This game needs a sense of scale and movement. As it is a 2D game the easiest way to do that is to have a very defined speed to the objects and way of interacting with those things!

Also, my xbox RROD. I mad.

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