Sunday, April 1, 2012

MolyJam - Completed game


A long time ago I learned that I was bad at drawing and because of that I decided to not do any Jams or game ideas where I needed to draw. More recently I leaned that I can do basic music so I can rely on that in a Jam.

This weekend I learned I cant write. I knew this already in the context of essays/emails/papers but I never realised it applied to game content till this weekend.

The game is not complete. All code is written but to make a game like this feel rich and engaging there needs to be at least 40 different scenarios at the moment there is 4.

Code complete for the end of the Jam but not content complete!

So the point of the game is you make decisions on government policies. The decisions effect six metrics Gold, School System, Crime level, Armed Forces, Health and Industry. It also keeps track of the groups who like and dislike you.

At the moment you cant lose unless you run out of money.

Only play if you are REALLY interested.

Controls are left right and space. You can play it here.

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